Making rotas work for you.

RotaPal is a unique cloud based on-call rota communication and management system designed by doctors, for doctors. It crucially enables:

instant access to colleagues on call
a platform to simply and efficiently build rotas
the power to swap shifts and plan leave in realtime
the ability to conveniently plan for the future

Stay connected 24/7, 365 days a year.

Safer, simpler, smarter.

It’s free to download – join and get connected today

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

RotaPal for doctors

On Call View

Instantly access who you are on-call with and contact them at the touch of a button.


Create on-call or shift pattern rotas and roll-out methodically in just a matter of minutes.

Activity Log

Stay up-to-date with a real time feed of any swaps or shift transfers within your rota.


With key identifier icons, effortlessly view when, what type of shift and who you are working with.

Swap Management

Send or receive shift swap requests, accept or decline instantaneously and track any activity in real-time.

Leave Planning

Plan leave months in advance, keeping both you and your colleagues up-to-date.

Helping everyone stay better connected.

RotaPal PLUS for trusts


Access a real-time view of the hospital, at any time. Smart Search offers quick and efficient access to any desired specialty, rota or individual within the organisation.

Locum Management

Capture, promote and track the status of all locum shifts, receive notifications of filled and pending shifts, all in one place.

A&E Vision

Ensure proficiency in any emergency with direct and instant access to an accurate live view of the doctors on-call in every specialty throughout the hospital.

Improving patient care.

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