Frequently Asked Questions

1. Mobile | Can I edit a rota once it’s published?

Yes, if you are the rota’s admin go to My Rotas and tap the edit icon. NB: any changes you make will be made in realtime. You can check your rota’s history log of changes at

2. Mobile | Can I link my rota with other rotas?

Yes - all admins can link rotas. Go to “My Rotas” then select the edit button on the relevant rota. On the top right hit the three dots then linked rotas. Here you can hit the “+” button and select a rota to link with. The other rota admin will need to approve this request. You can also check out our tutorials to see how its done.

3. Mobile | How do I delete my leave request?

Go to My Leave via the navigation bar - all leave requests will appear here. A left swipe will allow you to delete that leave request.

4. Mobile | How do I edit shift details?

You can edit shift types when you’re creating your rota or after in My Rotas > Edit. Double tap on the shift icon at the bottom of the screen or create a new shift on the right.

5. Mobile | How do I respond to swap requests?

On the home page access the notification centre (look for the alerts bell). All your requests will appear there. You can accept, decline or track your own requests.

6. Mobile | How do I see who is on call today?

Select the on-call section on the bottom left of the home screen - this will show all the on-call staff for your rota and any other rotas you are linked with.

7. Mobile | How do I see who is working with me?

Go to your RotaCalendar, select the shift you wish to view - select “Staff” to show people working from your rota. Or select “view all rotas” and it will show all staff working across the rotas linked to yours.

8. Mobile | How do I swap my shifts?

This can be done via the RotaOverview or the RotaCalendar. Via the RotaOverview click on your own shift you wish to swap and then click on the shift/s you are willing to do in exchange then hit Swap. Via the RotaCalendar click on the shift you want to swap and use the filter options to select potential shift options to swap with. You can track any swaps in your Alerts tab.

9. Mobile | How do I view my shifts?

You can view your shifts via the RotaCalendar or the RotaOverview, each icon you see represents a specific shift assigned by the rota creator.

10. Mobile | What does “Request Approval” mean?

This means the admin will need to approve any leave request if this is selected, if this is not applicable to your rota then simply ask the admin of your rota to change the settings to “Approval Not Required”. N.B. RotaPal is not responsible for ensuring adequate cover has been arranged.

11. Web | Is it possible to add view-only users?

Yes, to add additional users (be its Standard, Admin or View Only users) log on to and add these users by selecting your rota in the RotaBuilder tab then > Setup > Users.

12. Mobile | Can I add add leave entitlement?

Yes - go to “My Rotas” then select the edit button on the relevant rota. On the top right hit the three dots then Leave Entitlement, here you can assign entitlement for each colleague. Check out the leave entitlement tutorial to see how its done.

13. Mobile | Can I preview a rota?

Yes, we understand you might need to play around with shift patterns before the rota goes live, especially for rolling rotas. In the final stage of building your rota you will be given the option to preview before publishing.

14. Mobile | How do I limit daily leave?

Go to “My Rotas” then select the edit button on the relevant rota. On the top right hit the three dots then leave requirements. Here you can set a maximum number and a warning number. Check out the tutorial video to see how its done.

15. Mobile | How do I add colleagues to a rota?

You can add your colleagues in the final stage of building a team rota. When doing so, search the RotaPal directory or tap Invite User to send your colleagues an email invite. You can also add colleagues in after you've published your rota, by opening the rota in My Rotas and going to Set Up.

16. Mobile | How do I add more users to a rota?

To add additional users you can simply go to 'My Rotas' > edit > tap the three dots in the top right > Set up > and scroll to the bottom. You'll see Add User. You can also add users with different roles (be it Standard, Admin or View Only users) via Log on to and add these users by selecting your rota in the RotaBuilder > Setup > Users.

17. Mobile | How do I action leave requests?

Go to the Leave Manager in the navigation bar. Select the rota you wish to view. If you have Leave Requirements set up you will be able to see for each request whether it will be viable based on the colour of where it says 'pending'. You can also use the traffic light calendar to check who else is off on any given day.

18. Mobile | How do I check leave allowance?

If your rota admin has stipulated your Leave Entitlement in the set up of the rota you will be able to check how much leave you have left in My Leave. If you are the admin of the rota you can update everyone's Leave Entitlement in by going to My Rotas > Edit > click the three dots in the top right > Leave Entitlement.

19. Mobile | How do I add leave?

On the navigation bar access the My Leave section. Select which rota you are applying for leave within. You can use the calendar view to select multiple days or simply use the plus icon.

20. Mobile | I can't see a rota I've been added?

Go to the notification centre on the bottom right of the home screen. Under “Rota Invites” you will need to accept the invitation. If it still doesn't show, ensure the rota has been published by the admin.

21. Mobile | How do I replace a user?

If you are replacing a colleague with another colleague, it's best to log on to There you can add an additional user through the RotaBuilder, then use the Batch Edit Shifts feature to transfer any remaining shifts from the outgoing colleague, to the new colleague.

22. Web | Can I track changes to the rota?

Yes, you can view any swaps in the activity log in the side nav bar. Admins can also view a complete history log by logging on to and accessing the History Log in the RotaBuilder.

23. General | I can’t find my hospital/specialty?

If you can’t find your hospital or specialty, email and we’ll get you sorted.